There were many interesting things that happened today. We saw a pod (group) of dolphins pass very close to the shoreline. I went ahead with my crew while dad salvaged a bolt from some large driftwood. (I wasn’t strong enough to get the bolts out.) Next time, we need to bring a shovel, and thenContinue reading “3-5-2021”

About the Blog

Hi Everyone, I am Ryan Mroch. I am hosting an event called the Carteret County Trash Trawl, and this is the informational website for the Trash Trawl. More specifically, This is the blog for the website. Here, I will send out a weekly post about the beach cleanups and the thing we find while cleaningContinue reading “About the Blog”

The Knife

A few weeks ago, we found a knife! It was in pretty good condition, and it wasn’t too sandy. I’m surprised that it was under only a few inches of water, and clearly visible, but we found it first. I’m also a little jealous that it was one of my workers who had found theContinue reading “The Knife”

The Octopus

Hi Everybody! A few weeks ago, we saw an octopus. It was right at the surface of the water. I think it was up this close because the air was warm and the water was cold, so it came to the surface to warm up. When we approached it (we didn’t touch it, in orderContinue reading “The Octopus”

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