Chick Fil-a philmont fundraiser

Hi everyone! I am going to Philmont this year, and I need to do a bit of fundraising for it. as a fundraiser, I have partnered with Chick Fil-a to sell $12 lunch tickets, which will be redeemable at the event only! My fellow scouts and I will be selling these from the 10th to the 20th, and you can come to the Gallant’s Channel friends of the Maritime museum to redeem the tickets (at lunch time.) If you would like to purchase one of these, please email If you come for the food, why not participate in the event, and have a shot at winning the golden starfish? Speaking of them, I have an update!

My Hard work has paid off! I have just about finished with the Trophies! After the hard work of melting down the cans, and drilling and tapping the Trophies, and having them powder coated, they are complete! I have also found the driftwood for the plaques, which I have almost finished. I had to fix a plank to the back in order for them not to split. Once the plates come in, I can finally finish this! Here’s a picture of the unmounted trophies:

Published by Ryan Mroch

I am an Eagle scout, and the leader of the Trash Trawl!

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