Carteret County Trash Trawl

The Carteret County Trash Trawl will be an event comparable to the Big Rock fishing tournament, but with a big difference… Participants will collect trash instead of fish!

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Chick Fil-a philmont fundraiser

Hi everyone! I am going to Philmont this year, and I need to do a bit of fundraising for it. as a fundraiser, I have partnered with Chick Fil-a to sell $12 lunch tickets, which will be redeemable at the event only! My fellow scouts and I will be selling these from the 10th to…

Hard at work on the trophies!

I am currently making the trophies for the carteret county trash trawl. This requires me to melt down aluminum cans in our forge, then pour them, and finally sand them down. Then they are ready to be drilled and tapped, and mounted to our driftwood. The winner of the trash trawl (and 2nd and 3rd…


There were many interesting things that happened today. We saw a pod (group) of dolphins pass very close to the shoreline. I went ahead with my crew while dad salvaged a bolt from some large driftwood. (I wasn’t strong enough to get the bolts out.) Next time, we need to bring a shovel, and then…